UML mentoring

Typical examples of assignments concerning the application of UML in your software development are listed below. Such assignments are most effective if combined with formal training programs adapted to your needs and expectations.
  • Are you attempting to use UML in a more professional way during software development? We can participate in essential reviews of design documentation. We can offer advice on methodological issues and the proper use of UML.
  • Particularly when you are in the early stages of building frameworks or libraries for use by third parties, it is important that you get advice on the pitfalls of API design. We can assist during early design phases and reviews.
  • Do you want to make your software development model driven? We can advise you and assist in proper use of behavior modeling (state machines) and code generation issues. We can help you to avoid paying for expensive tooling that does not work in your context. Typically, we can help you during realistic pilots.
  • Do you want to get a better picture of what the use of UML can mean for your business? One of our consultants can carry out a small case study based on your problem domain. Such a case study can be used within formal courses and/or can serve as example for more practical projects
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Sound design and readily accessible design documents are of extreme importance for evolving software products. Design documentation is not just paper, it is materialized understanding. Understanding that is sometimes not there to begin with, or that is lost when not written down. Writing software effectively is not a matter of trial and error, it requires professional discipline. You don’t gain time by messing about.

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