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Requirements Engineering Training: a Worthwhile Investment

Requirements Engineering Training: a Worthwhile Investment

Our requirements engineering training offers the best blend of knowledge and skills for the execution of that knowledge. Your return on investment will be continually seen in every project that your employees work on.

We offer a complete package to successfully implement requirements management and engineering practices in your organization. In general we will start with an initial study or needs assessment to identify your current requirements engineering practices. After alignment with your team or organizational objectives, this should lead to a project plan with recommended improvement areas, including a detailed description of tasks and activities. After your approval, this can lead to an implementation of the recommendations and further support of requirements engineering processes and techniques beyond the introduction phase. Where possible we will include your relevant quality standards or desired capability maturity objectives in this program.

Our Comprehensive Training Program

The following tabs describe our foundation and advanced level course programs for requirements engineers.

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The Requirements Game

The Requirements Game

When building a system, independent whether it is a product, device, application software or construction work, capturing and documenting that what people want is crucial to the success of that project. You can call a project successful, when it is delivering exactly that what the sponsor needs, in time and within budget.

If you don’t know why a solution is needed, it is impossible to know what needs to be built.

If you don’t know what needs to be built, it is impossible to understand the cost, time and resources to finish a project successfully. This makes Requirements Engineering one of the most important, perhaps even the most important, activity in a project.

Are you willing to make the gamble or do you want to make your projects successful?

Find out how we can help you to make this happen!


At our special half day session you can learn what skills make the difference between a good requirements engineer and a great one. We show you what it takes to transform a simple request into well thought-out requirements that will make your project a success. In addition, this session will be an opportunity to:

  • Experience what requirements engineering means, which steps must be completed and what tasks should be performed and what choices you should make in a "simulated" product development environment
  • Experience the value requirements engineering practices can bring to your project
  • Discuss how our Requirements Engineering Masters can make your project a success from the start!
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Requirements Engineering Foundation Courses

Requirements Engineering Foundation Level Courses

Interactive Requirements Engineering Overview session

Do you want to know what requirements engineering is and how it can help you?
Does your team has difficulties in getting the requirements right?
Is your team trained and experienced but still have issues communicating with the customer?

We can help you, by running a highly interactive low threshold evening session for your team.

This is a 2 to 3 hour session, during which we can address a variety of topics, such as:

  • The requirements engineering process
  • Agile requirements
  • Managing expectations using requirements practices
  • The customer only talks about solutions, how do we deal with that?
  • Tips & tricks for writing requirements
  • Traceability

Requirements Engineering Foundations

Understanding the basic requirements engineering process, practically applying basic techniques and theories during this process will give you a sound basis of the most important requirements management & engineering concepts. Learn to bridge the gap between people with drastically different backgrounds by expressing requirements in natural language during this interactive 3-day course. Focus on where requirements come from, capturing and documenting SMART requirements, managing requirements, and validating & verifying requirements.

Interviewing Basics

Do you need to obtain clear requirements from end-users, clients, customers or stakeholders for the product you’re building? This 1-day introductory interviewing course takes a fun look at some of the dos and don’ts and provides insights that will add polish to your skills. Following a highly interactive format that gets everyone involved, this course gives you the opportunity to build upon your interviewing strengths.

Requirements Management & Engineering for Managers

Requirements Engineering is one of the most underestimated disciplines in the business, yet project failure can often be traced back to poor Requirements Engineering & Management. Learn to increase your project success rate and save money by improving your requirements engineering and management practices in this half-day course.

Agile Requirements

What is the role of Product Owner? How can he set up and maintain the product backlog and still be lean? How can he derive user stories and requirements from features and epics? This practical 2-days course will give you the tools and skills needed to successfully fulfil the role of Product Owner.

Applying Use Cases

Use Cases are a widely used (and sometimes misused) approach for collecting and documenting user requirements. This 2-day course provides a practical guide to making full use of the Use Case paradigm. You'll learn the role, purpose and limitations of Use Cases as well as how to write clear and precise Use Case descriptions, how to work with templates and much more.

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Requirements Engineering Advanced Courses

Requirements Engineering Advanced Level Courses

The Risk of Words: Writing and Documenting Requirements

Writing good requirements is more difficult than it appears and a poorly chosen word can have disastrous consequences. During this 1-day intensive writing course, you’ll significantly improve your skills and learn some innovative new concepts, utilizing a series of practical guidelines that will help you construct the best possible requirement statements using the right words.

Interviewing Techniques & Guidelines: Eliciting Requirements

Lack of user input is one of the most common factors for challenged projects, yet effectively eliciting requirements is one of the most underestimated tasks in terms of difficulty. Specifically implicit requirements are hard to uncover. In this 2-day course, you will learn to focus on understanding users’ problems by building trust and improving your interviewing techniques.

Agreeing on Requirements: Bringing Users and Engineers Together

A requirements engineer is the negotiator between the users and the engineers, whether the engineer is internal or external. The requirement engineer’s prime role is to bring these two parties to a joint agreement on what will be built. This 2-day course for Requirements Engineers and Business Analysts will improve your conflict resolution techniques so that you can come to the best possible outcome.

Managing Vendors and Writing Requirements for Vendors

Are you currently involved in a project that is being (out-/in-)sourced? To benefit from sourcing strategies, it is essential that you understand how to work with geographically split teams and learn to cross language and cultural borders. The course includes how to get functional requirements that are complete, concise and consistent and in correct English so that the external party can use them to develop the system. This 4-day course explores the complexity of working with vendors and providing them the correct input.

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Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering is one of our primary activities. We have not only trained thousands of people in this discipline, but have also introduced this competence into many organizations successfully. Designing relevant processes, defining roles and responsibilities and communication paths thus creating added value for our customers.

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