Do you want a simple solution to solve a complex problem?

We can help you out. Sometimes things seem complicated when it comes to requirements engineering but to us it’s solid ground. We are a training and consulting company fully focused on requirements management & engineering, analysis & design methods and Scrum.

We believe that results come from skilled competent teams selected for the job because every organization has specific needs and requires a specific tailored solution. If you want a company that just fills job openings, then work with your standard vendors. If you want a solution to your problem, contact us to see how we can make an impact for you.

We deliver what you need

Projects delivered on time and within budget, delivering that what the users want

We work with the right people

We never take an assignment without knowing exactly what needs to be done

We make an impact

Making your team self sufficient and able to excel in their work

What do we do?

One of our primary training and consulting areas is Requirements Management & Engineering. In the past we have not only trained thousands of people in this discipline but have also assisted both large and small organizations introduce this competence in their organization, bringing business and engineers together.

An example: We have worked with product management and marketing helping them to channel their product vision and ideas to engineering units, successfully building the products of the future.

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