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Bridging the Gap

How to bridge the gap between Product Management and Engineers?

Product management is at most companies an inter-disciplinary role, bridging gaps within the company between teams of different expertise, more specifically between engineers and business. For example product managers often define the long term vision for a product and translate this into requirements for the engineers. They work with marketing and sales to explain the capabilities and limitations of the finished product. Product managers define the long term vision and define the full product life cycle of a product, from cradle to grave.

That means that product management is probably the most important source of requirements. Whatever method or techniques the product manager applies to gather market data, his end-deliverable feeding the engineers should be requirements. This is where we start with a requirements engineering assignment, building a process to create a natural flow of information from the business to the engineers and back, working on specific skill sets, improving any communication and trust issues between the various disciplines.

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Dealing with Communication Issues and Change

Dealing with Communication Issues and Change

Are you facing any of the following situations?

  • We want to improve our communication efficiency both internally and with external partners
  • Some of our “business” wishes never see the light of the day in system functionality. Why not?
  • The IT department wants to better deal with the “Business” side in our organization. How do we build a strong working relationship?
  • How can we prepare for a difficult market and keep up morale?
  • What’s the best strategy to deal with a takeover? How can we make sure that operations are not harmed by in-depth changes in the process and IT landscape?
  • We want to lower IT costs but they are still growing. Should we have a proper audit before the real auditors come knocking on the door?

We can help by creating a custom consulting package for your company that can include all or a few of the following services

  • Overview analysis of your current communication strategies (climate scan)
  • A proper IT audit including process analysis and recommendations for future more efficient way of working.
  • A combination of interviews and facilitated workshops
  • A combination of one-day training and a one-day small team exercises
  • A combination of a short training, facilitated workshops and in-depth analysis
  • Final analysis with specific advice and recommendations

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Sourcing production and design activities, working with Vendors

Sourcing production and design activities and how to work with Vendors

  • Is (in- or) outsourcing be the answer to (some of) my challenges in design and development?
  • How to decide?
  • Are we ready for such a change?
  • If we do it, how will we function in the future?
  • What will be the impact on my engineers? Their world will change. In stead of finding solutions to complex problems, they will have to delegate these tasks and manage their vendors.

To answer these questions, we offer a combination of training for all parties involved, in-depth analysis and specific advice based on our own experience and the experience of our partners.

The deliverable is a specific recommendation on how to proceed, with concrete prioritized task lists for the teams to work on.  This process helps your people go through the change smoothly and successfully.

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