Generalizing broadly, whilst the 1970’s saw the attention of most published methods turned towards programming, the 1980’s are considered the golden age of system analysis and design methods. Only in the 1990’s has attention turned towards the organizational context of IT efforts. One notable result of this shift was the Capability Maturity Model Integration or CMMi, developed mostly at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in the USA.

The current version is 1.2 released in 2006. CMMi is a process improvement approach that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes that ultimately improve their performance. It can be used both for projects and organizations, as well as at different levels within an organization. As with most formal approaches, this one has had its ups and downs: the usual exaggerated promises, excessive criticism after early disappointments, and finally settling down into a professional routine. One of the interesting aspects of CMMi is its strong connection with Requirements Management. CMMi actually formally prescribes RM as the approach for some fundamental parts of its framework. It is therefore logical that Mithun is very active in the CMMi field too.

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Adopting a process improvement initiative can be like navigating a minefield. Good preparation for your journey will smooth the path to success. Starting with a training program will give you a road map to navigate through CMMi-based process improvement initiatives successfully. In this training program, everyone involved in the development process will develop a shared understanding of CMMi, as well as the consequences for their organization of implementing and applying CMMi.

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