Demistifying Requirements eNewsletter, February 2012 issue
Subject: Demistifying Requirements eNewsletter, February 2012 issue
Send date: 2012-02-27 15:15:49
Issue #: 2

February 2012 issue


In this issue:

Coming up Polarion 2012


It has been almost one year since we started distributing Polarion Requirements and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to our customers in the BeNeLux countries. Since then a number of larger organizations have given Polarion their vote of confidence, and have successfully introduced Polarion Requirements and ALM to support their teams.

Soon Polarion Software will release the 2012 version. Next to the revolutionary integration with Microsoft Word, which was introduced in the 2011 version, we will now do the same to support Microsoft Excel. We will also introduce two new modules for Testing and a low threshold Review module.

We invite you to register at for a sneak preview and more information about this new exciting version.

If you are interested in an introduction to this exciting software engineering solution? Contact us or attend one of our free Polarion afternoon workshops.

Taking Scrum to the next level with Agile42

We are very pleased to add the renowned Agile42 label to our Scrum offering. This means that we offer now a complete advanced Scrum training & consultancy package, including Scrum certification programs, such as:

  • CSM - Certified Scrum Master
  • CSPO - Certified Scrum Product Owner
  • CSD - Certified Scrum Developer

but also:

  • Scrum Team Training
  • Kanban & Lean Training
  • XP-Practices (TDD, Refactoring, CI etc.)

and management training, such as:

  • Strategy & Leadership Training
  • Strategic Agile Workshop

For more information on how Mithun can help your organization to succesfully introduce Scrum practices please contact us.

System Modeling with SysML


Our brand new course System Modeling with SysML aims to provide a basic working knowledge of the various modeling techniques offered by SysML. The strong practice based training approach will enable participants to understand how these techniques can be applied in real practice. SysML blends nicely in with our UML offering, giving multidisciplinary teams one common language.

Classes coming up

Requirements Engineering Courses

Date Title Venue
30 March 2012 Requirements Game Leusden
9-11 May 2012 Requirements Engineering Foundations Amersfoort
18-20 April 2012 Requirements Engineering Foundations Leuven Belgium
1 June 2012 Requirements Game Eindhoven
4-6 June 2012 Requirements Engineering Foundations Eindhoven
22 June 2012 The Risk of Words Leusden

UML Courses

Date Title Venue
9-11 & 24-25 May 2012 Object Oriented Analysis & Design using UML 2 Eindhoven
11-12 & 21-22 June 2012 Design Patterns Eindhoven

SCRUM Courses

Date Title Venue
2 March 2012 Introduction to Scrum Course Amersfoort
25 May 2012 Introduction to Scrum Course Amersfoort

SysML Courses

Date Title Venue
14-15 & 18-19 June 2012 System Modeling with SysML

Events coming up

Polarion Free Introduction Sessions

Date Title Venue
03.04.2012 Polarion Requirements Management Workshop Leusden
22.05.2012 Polarion Requirements Management Workshop Leusden

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